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Morgan Training Co., LLC, headquartered in Avila Beach, CA, is a training and professional development company that specializes in helping technical organizations improve their bottom lines by increasing revenues, improving margins and decreasing miscellaneous costs associated with ineffective soft skills.

Our focus is on improving the effectiveness of technical professionals by strengthening and developing their communication, persuasion/sales and interaction skills--whether dealing with external customers or internal colleagues. 

Specifically, we work with technical companies and organizations that have concern about the effectiveness of their...

This could include helping them...

We equip technical professionals with best practice strategies, methodologies, tactics and skills that are needed to effectively communicate, sell, negotiate and develop successful projects and business with external customers as well as internal customers and colleagues.  We find that most customer and business development problems arise not from lack of technical knowledge, but from lack of "soft skills" training.

We offer the following courses geared to business development and customer interaction for internal and external customers.  (These courses are similar, but differ in their focus on internal vs. external communication, sales, persuasion and negotiation situations.) 

We also deliver courses, workshops and consulting on the following topics:

The content of our training has been tailored for the technical (engineer, scientist, etc.) audience.  In that vein, we teach the "science" behind interaction, selling and persuasion.  We also deal with the challenges that can result from the typical engineering "mind set", such as the tendencies to make assumptions, to be overly critical, to want to convince with data, and to "tell" as opposed to ask questions and listen.

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