Our "soft skill" training, consulting and coaching have benefited staff members and managers from numerous technical organizations, including:


Robert Bosch LLC
Raytheon BBN Technologies
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp.
Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Co.
Philips Semiconductor
Staubli Robotics
US Navy
Multi-Contact USA
Northrop Grumman
Gamma Technologies
Ricardo Inc. 


Client Stories

Morgan Training Co., LLC works with companies and organizations to help them achieve better business results.  The return on investment of training is, however, sometimes difficult to measure.  We're fortunate to have a few clients who've been willing to share their stories:


Multi-Contact USA - Santa Rosa, CA

Ceebee Thompson, Business Unit Manager

"When we brought in Laura Hyde from Morgan Training Company, we were facing a situation in which we believed our field sales engineers were struggling to meet our revenue objectives.  They seemed to lack the skills necessary to capitalize on some of the business opportunities we encountered.  We wanted to support the field sales group with a mechanism to promote more efficient sales. Sales were doing well; yet we knew we were leaving business on the table!

Right after Laura began training our people, we started having $1 million booking months. Now (about 1 year later) we're beginning to post $2 million booking months! I attribute a lot of this success to Morgan Training's approach and Laura's thorough teaching style that really encourages people to excel.  (To read the entire story, click here.)


Xpedion Design Systems - Milpitas, CA

Paul Pickering, VP Sales and Marketing

Hi Laura,

Things are going well here but I have been very busy with the integration.  So far so good. I would be happy to provide a testimonial.  Here are some thoughts about our experience with your training:

"The Effective Communication, Sales & Negotiation for the Technical Professional" course enabled our team of Sales Engineers and Applications Engineers to find a common vocabulary and to work together to create a cohesive selling process.  We saw tremendous results in new customer growth and selling efficiency.  In the 18 months after the training session, our customer base expanded to...(To read the entire story, click here.)


Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. -- Providence, RI

David Barnes, General Manager -- Central Region

To: Laura Hyde
Subject: RE: Training Follow-up and Public Sessions

Hi Laura!

Things are going great!  It's so good to hear from you.

I think you would be very proud to hear/see just how many of your suggestions have become a fairly natural part of our sales process.  In particular, the things we have most deeply embraced would be:

  • Always get "contracts"
  • Recognizing when prospects are "hiding"

  • (To read the entire story, click here.)


 AVL North America

 Gerhard Meister, Director of Business Development

"I have experienced the sales training programs from both Miller Heiman and the Morgan Training Company. While both programs were very interesting and beneficial, the Morgan Training Company's program is much more lively, offering a hands-on experience by means of exercises that will most effectively prepare the trainee for real live situations. In addition, the Morgan Training Company's approach to the operational selling aspect includes tools from the psychological arena, which have proven to be really helpful in my everyday work as a sales professional.

I recently encountered a situation where the order for a project had been stuck within the customer's organization for a long period of time due to issues over the terms & conditions. After several unsuccessful attempts to get the order by offering slightly different terms, I remembered a tool from The Morgan Training Company's sales program which was designed to deal with this exact situation. I utilized it with the customer and I actually got the order and the customer accepted the terms and conditions we had been asking for.

I highly recommend this training for people who want to be prepared for the challenges we all face when we try to sell our ideas and projects internally as well as to our external customers."

Gerhard Meister

Director, Business Development

AVL North America 



The Boeing Company

Brandon Larson, Design Engineer

August 8, 2011, 4:58 PM

Brandon Larson has recommended your work as a Instructor at UCLA, Technical Management Program.

Dear Laura,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. 

Details of the Recommendation: "I'm the co-founder of two companies and sales is always a topic for improvement. I've read many books on the subject but the dots just didn't connect to a successful approach. All of this changed when I took a class from Laura Hyde on the Science of Persuasion. Not only was she dynamic and entertaining as a teacher, her approach to sales was unlike anything I'd read. The 12 hours of class time far exceeded my expectations, and the information she provided, based on her years of experience, was immediately applicable and completely changed my/our approach to sales. Currently we are getting more business than I thought was possible, a result directly tied to the course information from Mrs. Hyde. If you are thinking about using Laura as a business or sales consultant, stop wasting time and do it. She's literally amazing. Feel free to contact me for any additional information or recommendation."

Service Category: Business Consultant

Year first hired: 2011

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert




At the conclusion of each training session, we ask participants for their comments and thoughts.  We have included a sampling of these comments for your review.  (Some individual and company names have been ommitted at the request of the participants.)

"If you take only one course in the next 10 years, make sure it is this one!"- Mike Chenery, Vice President for Advanced Product Engineering, Fujitsu Computer Products

"This course was so good that I've been to it twice-and I brought it in-house at Phillips for my colleagues to attend. It's a must for us to remain competitive in today's tough market!"-- Scott Blum, RF Applications Engineer, Philips Semiconductors

"We're in "selling" situations almost daily, yet have never learned how to sell or persuade.  This is very useful information!"  -- Bill Arrighi, Computer Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"This training exceeded my expectations. Morgan Training Co. understands that the sales process is human, not robotic as I've seen in other sales training programs." - Dave Mastrorocco, Sales Engineer, Dassault Systemes

"Class seemed perfectly tailored to our business. We learned a structured approach to business development that will be important for future business success." -- Sharon Kaplan, Sr. Vice President, Psomas 

"An absolutely superb course!  This course identifies issues, people and "selling" methods that I may have been aware of; but, it really brings the methods to the forefront.  Excellent tools for the technical manager's toolbox--at work, at home and everywhere in life."  -- David Borth, Corporate VP, Motorola

"This is by far the best, most valuable “human relations, non-technical” course that I have taken in my 19 year professional career.  Laura did a great job of teaching abstract concepts to a group of very technical people, who are used to processing information in a binary “right/wrong” format.  She approached the same subjects from multiple angles to ensure that all participants could easily grasp the concepts regardless of learning style.  I enjoyed the role playing situations and the in depth material on personality traits that was presented.  I feel that although I am not directly involved in Sales at this time, the methods taught in this class will help me greatly with my internal customers. Jessica Kuzia, Project Leader, Diesel Systems, Robert Bosch

"Again, I'd like to offer a sincere "Thank You" for helping us at EduNeering. Your training session was, by far, the BEST sales training session I've ever attended (including those by Miller Heiman, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracey, etc.)"-Eric Satterthwaite, National Account Director, EduNeering, Inc.

"The trainer took a real effort to tailor this course to our specific needs-and succeeded!" --R. B. Rao, Project Manager, Siemens Corporate Research

"All decision making personnel should invest time in this course to enhance overall company effectiveness in achieving bottom line results." --Dennis Matteau, Sr. Project Engineer, Honeywell

"Laura did an excellent job. Her passion for the topic along with her understanding of the technical mind set created an environment which caused participants to enthusiastically embrace the material. She addressed our unique situations and was able to not only explain concepts, but demonstrate their use. She is a top-notch trainer!" --James M. Clark III, President & CEO, Wahlco, Inc.

 "I thought it would not be relevant for the non-sales engineer...Boy, was I wrong!  A ‘Must' for anyone dealing with customers!"-Sr. Application Engineer

"The best "sales training" that I've been through.  Directly relevant to selling our technical products and services."- Richard Botelli, General Manager, Abaqus Inc.

"This training really brings light, clarity, and order to a previously mysterious process of customer interaction and sales."  --Christine Lorenz, Sr. Member Technical Staff, Siemens

"I've been with the company for 22 years and I've sat through many training sessions. This was the best I've encountered! It was highly relevant to successes and failures I've had."-Engineering Project Manger, EA Engineering

" adds structure to something that most engineers don't realize is a process that can be systematically followed with results." - Project Manager

"An excellent course, taught most expertly.  Exceeded my expectations!" -Grant Bazain, Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"I was told to attend by my boss.  Reluctantly I took it, and I wish I had taken it a year ago! -- Tom Folkmier, Resident Engineer, Robert Bosch Corporation

"Excellent.  Every engineer should take this course.  Great insight into people and how to interact with them so everybody wins."  -- T. Alex Lee, Project Engineer, Honeywell

"Laura, Thank you!  I am already using some of the contract skills with my boss during the 2004 budget planning. I may get a few more people on my staff thanks to your methodology.  The timing for me to acquire these skills was perfect." -- Olivier Randoing, Engineering Mgr., International Manufacturing Co.

"This course was so good that I've been to it twice-and I brought it in-house at Phillips for my colleagues to attend. It's a must for us to remain competitive in today's tough market!"-- Scott Blum, RF Applications Engineer, Philips Semiconductors

"Great training. Please, please have all people with customer contact take this course."-President, International Division

"The techniques described in this course are very pertinent to our conducting of project acquisition, development, delivery and daily interactions, externally and internally."-Chenyang Xu, Member Technical Staff, Siemens Corporation

"Great course.  Very relevant material.  I learned things I can apply Monday morning and can share with my team members."  -- Scott Shaw, Technical Director, Planning Systems Inc.

"Sales and marketing is not about just knowing the product. You must know how the human elements affect the sale." --Production Project Manager

"Absolutely phenomenal take-aways!  I would recommend this course to everyone I know!  Easy to use information that is relevant to my daily tasks."  -- Bethany Mastin, Program Quality Engineer, Boeing

"This was a fabulous course.  The instruction was great and the tools that you learn will be valuable in many positions.  Clearly the best training I have ever attended."-- Thomas Hackbardt, Sr. Account Manager, Robert Bosch Corporation

"This course material is truly a secret weapon if used effectively, and is one of the only methods that I have seen that really fosters a long lasting "win/win" customer relationship." -- Brian Muehl, Sales Engineer, Multi-Contact USA

"Now I know what I didn't know!  This course completely changed my perception of the role of a salesperson and provided great tools for success."  -- Carrie Morton, Engineer, Robert Bosch LLC

"All engineers should take this technical sales course. It's eye opening that we, engineers, could do sales!" --Project Engineer

"This is by far the best work-sponsored training I have ever attended. The communication aspect was outstanding!" -- Ed Thompson, GM Account Manager, Bosch Rexroth

"The selling communication tools are right on target and really work to improve results. Even seasoned sales professionals will improve their close ratio." -Mike Hand, Account Manager -- Auto Sensors & Controls, Sensata

"Helped me gain an understanding of what costumers are really looking for, besides price reductions! Taught me how to promote value." - Jessica Orhanen, Account Manager, Karl Schmidt UNISIA, Inc. 

"I thought it was a great course for a technical person seeking to take commitments and negotiation and apply a science to them; this will increase your odds of success." --Product Planning and Strategy Manager, Visteon

 "Excellent presentation that addresses the complex nature of psychology and how important it is to getting results in the business world. -George Eichleay, Project Engineer, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Co.

"Thank You! I feel people apply these methods for the most part, but I didn't know why. I now understand the functions, reasoning and effectiveness of these tools and thoroughly look forward to using them." - Troy Hall, Regional Sales Manager, Staubli Corporation

"Training exceeded my expectations.  Good application techniques were demonstrated through case studies, role play, etc." - Rob Bernakl, Program Manager, AVL

"I have a better appreciation of the challenges and techniques the sales group has to deal with. I will be better able to help filter potential opportunities" - Steve Parkin, Program Manager, AVL

"Amazing! The knowledge instilled by this training will definitely improve my selling skills and make me more effective. It was exactly what I needed. Very organized, brings together many common sales techniques into an organized program...I hate role-playing, but it helped me to realize that I needed to practice." - Trent Lovell, Sales Engineer, GE Industrial-Sensing

"This course gave me valuable tools to use throughout the sales cycle. I learned to identify, pursue, target and close opportunities with confidence and effectiveness." - Jeff Stockman, Sales Engineer, Pharma and Biotech, GE Sensing

"This course helped me identify the sales tactics that are critical for anyone in front of a customer. The role-playing was very effective. " - Tony Karew, Engineering Consultant, Dassault

"I am starting in a sales position in January, after nine years in operations. I feel that I have a method to guide me and criteria to judge my progress against as a result of taking this class. " - Charlie Wilcox, Academic Business Developer, Dassault Systemes

"I truly feel energized. I am looking forward to my next interaction with customers. In the past, I always dragged my feet. Thanks." - Ashraf Mohamed, Research Scientist, Siemens Corporate Research Center

"This training offers a fantastic toolbox of improved communication techniques for anyone at our company who deals with internal or external business situations."-Engineering Sales Manager

"Excellent course. Thank you very much. I will use these techniques immediately. It is a course all engineers and scientists should take to improve their marketability!" - Michael Gall, ATMS, Siemens Corporate Research Center

"This course answered a lot of questions and addressed my reservations (fears) concerning sales techniques and approaches. I wish I had it 8 years ago."- Sr. Scientist

"Valuable new, hands-on information delivered with humor, charisma, panache and real-world anecdotal information. It was professional and informative." - Tom Neidecher, President/CEO, Multi-Contact USA

"Better than Sales 101 type classes- Geared to technical environments. The tools I learned will greatly aid my preparedness in front of customers. Great information and techniques." - Mark Combs, Senior Sales Engineer, NEC Unified Solutions

"This course answered a lot of questions and addressed my reservations (fears) concerning sales techniques and approaches. I wish I had it 8 years ago."- Sr. Scientist

"Course provided proactive approach to sales backed by scientific data and role-playing in a risk-free environment." - Beth Shissler, Corporate Distribution Manager, Philips Semiconductor

"The presenter has excellent delivery with the ability to adapt. It was relevant, presented well, with a knowledgeable instructor. I wanted more! The course organized skills to help me approach ‘selling' in the technical environment. I believe the new appreciation for relationships will be invaluable." - Mark Shaw, Quality Manager, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"I've been introduced to ‘ask'" - Dennis Hewett, AX Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"Effective and informative, story-driven delivery. I highly recommend this course and instructor to any sales and marketing professional as an alternative approach to traditional selling!" David Arceecaux, Marketing, Staubli Corporation

"This course gave me an entirely new view of selling-I learned a practical method for obtaining win/win solutions in my business and personal life." --Program Manager

"This helped us reevaluate how we sell, where we sell and to whom! It gave us practical tools we can use to refine our approach. This is a program that all levels of organization could benefit from. Provides ‘real' and ‘practical' tools that you can use no matter what your role is in the organization." - Joe Gemma, Sales Manager, Staubli Corporation

"I have been to several classes, but this is by far the best because of your enthusiasm, stories, visual aids and overall understanding and delivery of the material. Excellent course, thought provoking, great interaction and great tools." -Harry Beaver, Regional Sales Manager, Staubli Corporation 

"The course allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses. In areas I may not be as strong, so I can try to improve. I now know my strengths so I can better strategize, using them effectively." - Dan Pierson, Project Engineer, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company

"The instructor had an excellent command of the training material with impressive integration of our organization's issues." - Brad Sulecki, Area Sales Director, STERIS Life Sciences Engineered Products & Services

"I couldn't take notes fast enough! The instructor was right on point with the way she presented the learning objectives. More importantly, the content and techniques were truly relevant. Remarkable!" - Eddie Torres, Account manager, STERIS Life Sciences Engineered Products & Services

"I came out of the training with a new perspective on technical selling and consulting. Although I am not in a direct sales role, I will be able to better assist my team in qualifying opportunities. Laura Hyde is a wonderful trainer. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in a technical selling/consulting role. - Annette Reeves, Technical Analyst, Ricardo

"Excellent! Very powerful tools!" - Eric Titus, Sales Engineer, Megger

"Role playing caused me to discover things about myself and the process that I may not have discovered by just talking about them." - Bret Hammonds, Application Engineer, Megger

"Hands down, one of the best approaches to building relationships, effective selling and handling tough business situations that I have encountered! Great examples. Role-playing and real life scenarios were priceless!" - Grayson Mauer, Design Engineer, Multi-Contact USA

"For me, this training brought structure (science) to understanding relationships and selling. Amazing presentation. The instructor had a thorough understanding of the subject. Many concepts can not only be used in the business world, but also personal life." - Rick Smart, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Eichleay Engineers, Inc.

"It was definitely the best sales training course I've taken and I've already implemented some of the techniques and concepts this week." - Jonathon Weibel, Regional Sales manager, Staubli Corporation 

"The psychology that this training provided to our team will allow us to handle the situations that we encounter everyday in a more professional and predictable manner and that will greatly affect our business outcomes." - George Eichleay, VP, Eichleay Engineers Inc.

"I will be better able to explain and understand results and outcomes from different sales situations and events, especially when there is an undesirable outcome. I learned a lot about myself in addition to attaining a better understanding of other people. This information can be used as a life skill." - Dale Dalgaard, Mechanical Supervisor, Eighleay Engineers, Inc.

"This training is very valuable to PM's success. Techniques were discussed and demonstrated. Used role-plays for practice. VERY Useful and can be applied to all areas." - Marianna Buzzerio, Project Manager, Eichleay Engineers, Inc.

"We learned strategies and tactics that we can use immediately on our day-to-day tasks, Outstanding!" - Paulo Calil, Sales Account Manager, Kolbenshmidt Pierburg Group

"The consultative process is an excellent approach. This training will provide us with the foundation we need going forward. This course did a very good job of breaking down the sales/customer interface. This provides a clear way to analyze and apply the tools to situations we encounter." - Mark Davis, Manager of Automotive Sales & Engineering, Kolbenshmidt Pierburg Group

"This course blew my mind to new possibilities and how sales can be an exciting career. I loved this training. One of the best trainers I've ever had." - Henry Gonzales, Business Development Manager, Dassault Systemes


Our participants give the training very high marks (9.0-9.5 out of 10) and ask for more!!

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