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Morgan Training Co., LLC is unique in that its sole focus is providing “soft skill” training to technical professionals. We have spent over 20 years researching principles of psychology, as well as best practices of businesses, and applying them to the technical communication and persuasion/sales environment. The results have been an approach to communication and selling that is enthusiastically embraced by technical professionals. It provides a “road map” for communication, selling and persuasion that fills a void in the training of most technical professionals--engineers, scientists, analysts, etc.

Through self-assessment surveys (behavioral style; internal "scripts"; preferred information processing modes), participants learn about their communication tendencies and how to be more effective in dealing with colleagues and customers who are different. Best practices are stressed along with a set of tools and techniques that can be applied immediately. 

In addition to teaching concepts, strategies and techniques, we also provide to the participants sample verbiage that incorporates the concepts taught. We find that this greatly increases the confidence and effectiveness of the participants in approaching colleagues and managers as well as sales and customer interaction situations. 

Over the past 20 years, we have delivered our training and provided consulting and coaching for many technical companies and organizations, as well as educational institutions including MIT and UCLA's Technical Management Program (TMP). We strive to deliver top-notch programs that meet the expectations of our technical audience.

Our content has been tailored for the technical audience and onsite courses are customized with role plays and exercises from the participants' business environment, so there is immediate application of the training to real world situations.  This customization seems to be a key ingredient to the high marks we receive:  average 9.0-9.5 out of 10!  We feel this is a major endorsement since our target audience (technical professionals) can be rather critical as well as skeptical of any training that isn't rooted in the technical arena.

"An excellent course, taught most expertly.  Exceeded my expectations!" -- Grant Bazain,
Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"The course exceeded my expectations. It introduced many tools to apply which are very relevant. Laura really brings light, clarity and order to a previously mysterious process of personal interaction and sales." -- Christine Lorenz, SMTS, Siemens Corporate Research Center

"Class seemed perfectly tailored to our business. We learned a structured approach to business development that will be important for future business success."-- Sharon Kaplan, Sr. Vice President, Psomas

"The best "sales training" that I've been through.  Directly relevant to selling our technical products and services." -- Richard Botelli, General Manager, Abaqus Inc.

"Training exceeded my expectations.  Good application techniques were demonstrated through case studies, role play, etc." -- Rob Bernakl, Program Manager, AVL

"This was a fabulous course.  The instruction was great and the tools that you learn will be valuable in many positions.  Clearly the best training I have ever attended."-- Thomas Hackbardt, Sr. Account Manager, Robert Bosch Corporation

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