Training: On-Site

Morgan Training currently offers the following basic courses for customized, on-site delivery:

1. Effective Communication, Sales and Negotiation for the Technical Professional

2. The Science of Proactive Persuasion:  How to Sell Your Ideas, Projects, Capabilities, and Products

3.  High-Impact Communication Techniques for the Technical Professional

4. Advanced Communication, Sales & Negotiation Strategies for the Technical Professional

6. Using Behvaioral Styles to Improve Communication and Persuasion Effectiveness in a Technical Environment 

7. Business Communication Best Practices Workshop 

We also deliver follow-on courses, workshops and consulting on the following topics for sales teams:

  • ROI Selling
  • Trade Show Effectiveness
  • Account Management
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Effective Presentations
  • Opportunity Strategizing
  • Effective Prospecting
  • Territory Planning 
  • Practice, reinforcement and application of the basic skills and methodologies


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