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Effective Communication, Sales and Negotiation for the Technical Professional



Do you (or your people)…

…struggle to understand and use an effective selling process when trying to sell yourselves, your ideas, your company products or services?

… tend to give customers a lot of information and consulting with the hope that it will lead to a sale?

… have difficulty separating a real opportunity from a resource drain?

… have difficulty eliciting information with questions? You’re more comfortable “telling” rather than listening.

… tend to not put tough issues (like budget) on the table early in the sales process and then those issues come back to “haunt” you?

… have difficulty applying win-win negotiating techniques and strategies?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then this course could be of great benefit to you or your organization.





About the Course

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Studies of the "best practices" of successful businesses reveal a strong correlation between achieving superior business performance and being leaders in communication, sales, account management and customer service. Skilled communication impresses clients and colleagues, promotes the effective flow of information, and creates a more harmonious and productive business environment, while poor communication skills can cause confusion, frustration, misinterpretation, inefficiency, and lost business. Moreover, ineffective communication can limit a technical professional's potential growth and value to the organization.

In addition, today's competitive business environments require that technical professionals be able to "sell". Internally, you "sell" as you compete for resources, advance your projects and careers, get buy-in to ideas and strategies and promote change. Externally, you sell products, services, or projects to existing and potential customers. Do you have a well-defined process to follow and does it lead to success? If not, you may be struggling with some of the hazards of ineffective selling skills in the technical environment, such as doing "un-paid consulting" in hopes of attaining business, chasing after poorly qualified opportunities, caving-in on price, and chasing after decisions. Technical enterprises often find that their technical professionals have outstanding technical expertise, but are unfortunately lacking in the necessary "soft skills" -- communication, sales, negotiation and customer service skills-- to be effective in the business development arena. Fortunately, this is not usually due to lack of ability in these areas, but rather a lack of training.

This course focuses on the communication, sales and negotiation skills that are necessary to be an effective "business developer". It promotes a consultative, "win-win" approach to selling and business issues in general, designed especially for technical professionals. The focus is on the systematic application of a logical process including effective questioning, listening and communication skills, an understanding of the human elements involved, and the necessary strategies and techniques.

Through self-assessment surveys, participants learn about themselves (behavioral style; internal "scripts"; preferred information processing modes) and how to be more effective in dealing with customers who are different. Best practices are stressed along with a set of tools and techniques that can be applied immediately to improve their confidence, credibility and effectiveness when interacting with customers.


The material is presented in a manner to facilitate the process of learning, from the initial phase of understanding (knowing) a concept, to the advanced phase of applying (owning) it.   Much interaction is encouraged.  Participants have an opportunity to discuss and practice specific techniques, strategize their own specific situations and participate in role-playing exercises that simulate realistic communication and selling situations.  The training is customized for each client by incorporating specific industry examples to assist with the application process.  Role playing of actual situations is included.  Course materials are provided for each participant.

Course Length

This course is 3 days in length.  (We can offer a shortened version; however, some content as well as time for application and practice, i.e. role-playing and strategizing exercises will be sacrificed.)


All participants receive a 250+ page workbook which includes detailed course notes, summary of key material, handouts, surveys, exercises, forms and reference material.


Training is delivered in a classroom setting. Typical class size is 20-30 with seating in clusters or U-shape.




Who Should Attend

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This course is designed for technical professionals who want to increase their business sales and communication skills and achieve excellence in performance. Job titles include:

  • Technical Professional
  • Engineering Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Engineering Scientist (Application, Design, Software, etc)
  • Sales Engineer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Engineer
  • Project/Program Manager
  • Group Leader




What You’ll Learn

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Sales Fundamentals   

  • Overcoming the stigma of "selling"
  • How to construct a value proposition that works with your customers
  • How to sell a "solution", as opposed to "a standard product".
  • Presenting your capabilities-how and what to present
  • Knowing how and when to use your technical knowledge and expertise so it doesn't hurt you
  • How to avoid "un-paid consulting"
  • Understanding and identifying business opportunities: the needs, wants, problems, and motivating factors for action
  • How to help internal or external "prospects" discover they need your idea, product, service, etc. and why "convincing" won't work
  • How to overcome fear of rejection
  • Controlling the selling process-knowing what is going to happen next
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competition
  • How to avoid "Think it overs"
  • How to get add-on business from existing clients and referrals to new opportunities
  • How to separate a "real" opportunity from a "resource drain"
  • How to effectively prospect for new business
  • How to define and implement the actions that are necessary to reach your business goals

Communication Strategies and Tactics

  • How to better manage customer expectations (How to keep your customers happy)
  • Changing a customer's negative perception
  • How to avoid assumptions and confusion
  • How to effectively follow-up with a customer
  • How to quickly and effectively establish rapport with someone new
  • How to effectively deal with questions and objections
  • How to run an effective meeting
  • How to effectively communicate with "difficult" people i.e., people whose personality and behavioral styles are different from yours
  • Getting colleagues/clients to make and keep commitments
  • Questioning strategies to uncover the truth about where your client stands on an issue
  • How to listen more effectively and talk less
  • How to get people to feel urgency and make decisions/get closure
  • How to deal with confrontational, demanding and and/or irate customers
  • Why "small talk " may be costing you business and what to do about it
  • How to replace communication awkwardness and frustration with confidence and control
  • How to clarify work requests and eliminate wasted effort in re-do's.
  • How to deliver "bad news", say "No", and discuss sensitive topics

Negotiation Fundamentals

  • How to apply win-win negotiating techniques and strategies
  • How to deal with “No’s” and Stalls
  • When to give up on an opportunity
  • How to get colleagues/clients comfortable enough with you to “open up”
  • Identifying and eliminating potential problems early in the sales process
  • How to create a process of mutual consent



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The instructors for this course are Laura Hyde and Gene Randol.


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