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Effective Communication, Sales and Negotiation for the technical professional—Application Session

Do you (or your people)…

…understand the concepts of the Basic Course (Effective Communication, Sales & Negotiation for the Technical Professional), but you have difficulty applying them?

… need more skill practice to feel comfortable in selling situations?

… leave customer meetings and wish you had done things differently?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then this course could be of great benefit to you or your organization.







About the Course

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Learning new communication or selling skills is like learning a new sport. The first step is an intellectual understanding of the sport and the required skills. However, before one can play the sport effectively, one must learn to apply the skills. This typically takes a fair amount of practice. Most organizations would prefer to NOT have their technical professionals practicing on customers. Therefore, we have designed this course as a “test ground” where participants can practice and hone their skills for the specific situations encountered in their technical world.

This course provides a thorough review of “Effective Communication, Sales & Negotiation, Basic Course”, with emphasis on “pulling it all together” for effective application. Emphasis is provided on topics and in areas that are requested by the participants.


Role playing and strategizing exercises are a significant portion of this course. They are designed to represent typical company and industry situations. The role plays cover a variety of communication and selling situations, both via phone as well as face-to-face. Participants will have the opportunity to experience role plays from the perspective of seller, buyer, as well as observer. The focus of this course is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Course Length

This course is available as a 1 or 2 day course. The 2-day version includes additional time for review as well as role playing and strategizing exercises and is designed for organizations that want their technical professionals to gain ownership of the skills as quickly as possible.


A workbook, including class notes, handouts, exercises, forms and reference material is provided to participants.


Training would be delivered in a classroom setting. Typical class size is 25-35 with seating in U-shape.





Who Should Attend

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This course is designed for all participants of the Basic Course who desire to improve their skills and become more effective with their communication and sales techniques.

Effective Communication, Sales & Negotiation, Basic Course is a prerequisite for this course.





What You’ll Learn

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This course features much practice and strategizing that includes:

· How to be more effective in specific sales and communication situations.
· How to further apply the skills and techniques from the Basic Course.
· How to deal with tough objections and questions.
· A more in-depth understanding of the “Consultative Sales Approach”.
· A refinement of technique.



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This course is customized to “fit the audience” prior to its delivery. At least 6 role-plays are prepared to represent realistic situations from the participants’ worlds. Customization is accomplished through meetings/discussions with company personnel as well as from feedback and discussions from the Basic Course. Participants’ expectations of the course along with their specific issues and concerns are discussed at the beginning of the sessions and are incorporated into the course objectives for the day.





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