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Advanced Communication, Sales & Negotiation Strategies for the Technical Professional

Do you (or your people)…

…have difficulty retaining your current customers?

… find it difficult to establish effective sales strategies, especially countering buyers’ strategies?

… have difficulty managing complex customer organizations and long sales cycles?

… have difficulty applying win-win negotiating tactics and strategies?

… get lost in the decision process of your customers?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then this course could be of great benefit to you or your organization.





About the Course

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Once the basics of effective communication and selling are mastered, attention can be given to other corresponding issues. This course offers various modules designed to complement and build upon the basics.

Situational role-plays customized to your industry and company are included to provide practice in applying the advanced strategies. Participants will have the opportunity to experience role-plays from the perspective of seller, buyer as well as observer.


The material is presented in a manner to facilitate the process of learning, from the initial phase of understanding (knowing) a concept, to the advanced phase of applying (owning) it. Much interaction is encouraged, with participants having an opportunity to discuss and practice specific techniques as well as strategize their own business situations. The training is customized for each client by incorporating specific industry examples to assist with the application process. Role playing of actual situations is included.

Course Length

This course is available as a 2 or 3 day course. The course length is dependent upon the modules selected for inclusion in the course curriculum.


A workbook, including class notes, handouts, exercises, forms and reference material is provided to participants.


Training is delivered in a classroom setting. Typical class size is 25-35 with seating in U-shape.




Who Should Attend

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This course is designed for technical professionals who spend a good portion of their time selling to or negotiating with internal and/or external customers. This audience includes:

  • Engineers and scientists
  • Engineering managers
  • Chief Technical Officers
  • R&D managers
  • Project managers
  • Senior sales personnel
  • Sales managers
  • Corporate directors and managers
  • Senior manufacturing and finance personnel

Effective Communication, Sales & Negotiation, Basic Course is a prerequisite for this course.




What You’ll Learn

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This course features advanced communication, sales and negotiation strategies specifically designed to complement the basics. These will be selected in advance by the participants (or the course coordinator) from the following modules:

  • Negotiation: Learn and apply the rules and tactics of basic negotiation techniques
  • Define Your Game Plan: Identify and implement the goals, plans and behaviors necessary for success
  • Strategic Account Management: Learn strategies and tactics to ensure customer retention and growth
  • Sales Positioning/Posturing: Develop a sales strategy, as well as counter measures to your buyers’ strategies
  • Telephone Communication: Learn and practice tactics to be effective on the telephone
  • Disarming the Upset Customer: Learn how to deal with upset colleagues or clients.
  • Prospecting: Learn how to qualify effectively, either via phone or in person.
  • Selling to Groups and Committees: Managing the decision-making process
  • Major Account Development: Learn how to manage complex organizations and long sales cycles
  • Team Selling: Learn how to make effective joint sales calls
  • Advanced Role-Playing: Apply the consultative selling approach and communication strategies to numerous sales situations.



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