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The Science of Proactive Persuasion: How to Sell Your Ideas, Projects, Capabilities, and Products

Do you (or your people) …

...have difficulty persuading and convincing customers or colleagues about an issue?

...have difficulty getting buy-in from internal management?

...have discomfort when in a “selling” role?

...tend to present all of your technical knowledge without fully understanding the "customer’s" real needs?

...tend to give "customers" a lot of information without asking for any commitment in return? (“un-paid consulting”)

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then this course could be of great benefit to you or your organization.




About the Course

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Today’s competitive internal and external business environments require that technical professionals be able to “sell.” Within your organization you need to be able to sell ideas and capabilities. Externally, you need to be able to participate effectively in the selling of products and/or services to existing and potential customers.

But you don't have to be a fast-talking sales person who cares only about commission checks, expense accounts and the bottom line to do business inside and outside your company. That kind of pushy, win-at-all-costs selling approach can turn people off. In this course you discover how to use the natural analytical, logical and rational skills you've developed in your professional life to create a solution-oriented sales approach that gets you results with both your customers and colleagues!

This 2-day workshop shows you that personal communication and sales skills are as rational as technical skills, and that you can learn and apply them just as systematically as you mastered your technical skills. These skills will help you interact with confidence and give you credibility with your peers and customers. You will acquire a step-by-step approach to business development and sales that is easily within your comfort zone; learn to communicate effectively using better questioning and listening techniques; explore ways to build rapport quickly; negotiate win/win outcomes and get management buy-in; and you examine the human side of selling, from understanding personality styles to using reverse psychology and reading body language.


The material is presented in a manner to facilitate the process of learning, from the initial phase of understanding (knowing) a concept, to the advanced phase of applying (owning) it. Much interaction is encouraged, with participants having an opportunity to discuss and practice (role play) specific techniques as well as strategize their own specific situations.


A 283-page workbook and set of detailed lecture notes are distributed on the first day of the course. These materials are for your use as a seminar participant only and are not for sale.




Who Should Attend

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This course is designed for technical professionals who want to increase their business sales and communication skills and achieve excellence in performance. Job titles include:

  • Technical Professional
  • Engineering Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Engineering Scientist (Application, Design, Software, etc)
  • Sales Engineer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Group Leader




What You’ll Learn

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“This training offers a fantastic toolbox of improved communication techniques for anyone at our company who deals with internal or external business situations. I can apply what I learned immediately to situations I’m facing.”—Engineering Manager

Tools, Techniques & Strategies…

  • A nine-step sales process that works in a technical environment
  • How to recognize and control 'selling' opportunities inside and outside your organization
  • Communication strategies to determine the actual needs of your customer or colleague
  • Three crucial elements to build rapport and get to the real issues quickly
  • How to persuade and sell using logic, skill and truth, not manipulation and falsehood
  • How to question and listen more effectively
  • Four key actions to get colleagues and customers to make and keep commitments
  • How to avoid doing free consulting in hopes of securing business
  • How to avoid assumptions and confusion
  • How to sell a solution, as opposed to touting your features and benefits
  • Eleven key questions that get you to the heart of an issue in almost any situation
  • How to separate a "real opportunity" from a "resource drain"
  • How to get people to feel urgency and take action

    Critical Concepts…

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Get your entire organization speaking the same language
  • Positively affect the decision-making process
  • Separate a "real opportunity" from a "resource drain"
  • Get people to feel urgency and take action
  • Deal with the pitfalls of traditional selling
  • Replace communication awkwardness and frustration with confidence and control
  • Promote your ideas, concepts and projects to management
  • Win resources for your technical group, project or process
  • Sell complicated technical products and processes to skeptical prospects
  • How to negotiate win/win outcomes



Course Syllabus

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Mastering the Buying and Selling Process

  • Influences that affect the selling process in your technical environment regardless of whether you're selling ideas, concepts, resources or products
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of traditional selling
  • Understand how and when to use your technical knowledge, expertise and information
  • Implement the nine critical steps of consultative selling
  • Overcome the stigma of "sales"
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competition inside and outside your organization--(friendly rival or sales prospect)

    How to Capitalize on the Dynamics of Human Relations

  • Understand the psychology behind what you communicate and how it affects your sales outcome
  • Understand why "convincing" won't work and what to do instead
  • Strategies for using the power of reverse psychology
  • Understand the critical elements of decision making
  • Analyze behavioral styles to determine effective communication methods
  • Ways to keep your clients, colleagues and prospects feeling good

    How to Get Real Commitment and Buy-in

  • Keep your selling process moving: get the decisions you need when you need them
  • How to control the selling process for better results
  • Employ verbal contracts: key actions for gaining commitments
  • How to eliminate ambiguous outcomes and avoid time-consuming problems down the road
  • How to avoid doing free consulting (while hoping for business)

    How to Build Rapport With People

  • The key to establishing quick and effective rapport
  • How to establish credibility and trust
  • How to handle "small talk"
  • How to remove internal or external prospects' "roadblocks"
  • The three key elements of rapport

    Qualify and Clarify Problems, Priorities, Authority and Investment to Seek a Better Solution for Your Customer

  • How to identify a "real" opportunity from a "resource drain"
  • How to “sell” on value, not price
  • Apply eleven key questions to get to the real issues
  • How to arouse the emotions that lead to a decision: hooks you can use to get action
  • Eight rules of engagement for getting the information you need to “sell”
  • How to uncover and manage potential deal-killers
  • Know when to "walk away"

    How to Favorably Present Your Ideas and Products

  • Create an effective presentation: rules and steps you should know
  • Identify and use your audiences' information processing styles
  • Deliver your ideas powerfully: twelve tips for success
  • How to use props, visual aids and technology for positive effect

    Communication Strategies and Tactics to Use in Persuasion

  • How to gather critical information that will help you sell, not give information that will help your prospect resist
  • Avoid "mind reading"--your assumptions can kill the sale
  • How to listen more and talk less
  • How to deal with questions and objections designed to derail the sale
  • Summarize your conversations and avoid confusion
  • A powerful technique to clarify work requests
  • Eliminate wasted effort to save time and focus on what counts
  • How to discover and utilize the hidden meanings in conversations
  • How to gain the confidence of a difficult person


  • How to apply this to your world
  • Internally: get buy in from management or colleagues; promote your ideas; compete for resources; influence decisions
  • Externally: get add-on business from existing clients; get referrals to new projects/different opportunities from existing clients; look for new opportunities




Customized, On-site Presentation

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Save 30% and Have this Persuasion Training Brought to Your People!

  • at a Cost that is 30% Below Public Market Prices
  • at a Time that is Convenient for You and Your People
  • at a Place of Your Choosing
  • in a format custom-designed to meet your specific expectations
    tailored to your organization's specific issues

This course is available in a customized version for on-site, corporate training. Customization is accomplished through meetings/discussions with several of the participants as well as some of management. Participants' expectations of the course along with their specific issues, concerns and objectives are incorporated into the course content.

This increases the relevancy and effectiveness of the training as well as the buy-in of the participants. Benefits of customization include…

  • incorporating specific challenges and issues of the customer's industry.
  • addressing important company issues.
  • building teams that share a common language.
  • sharing company stories.
  • utilizing company specific scenarios for role plays.

In addition, on-site programs can be offered at or near your location and scheduled at your convenience. This can save travel time and expense as well as provide flexibility in your scheduling process.




Dates & Location

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This course is available as one of the 28 courses offered as part of UCLA Extension's Technical Management Program every March and September at UCLA in Los Angeles, California.

The program is a personalized 5-day, 4-course program of study for engineering, science, and other professionals, offering a practical balance between the technical and managerial aspects of individual and organizational performance. To view more information about UCLA's Technical Management program click here.





Registration Information

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This program has limited enrollment and courses close as early as 2 months prior to the program start date. Early enrollment is advised. Click here for general program information and registration details. UCLA Technical Management Program








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