Diagnostic Questionnaire Survey
To help determine if our training can help you or your organization, please complete the following questionnaire.
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Rate each statement on a scale of No to Severe as to its negative impact on your business.

When referring to "customers" below, they can be either internal or external.
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Section 1 - Communication Skills
1 Our customers are unhappy with us or find us difficult to work with No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
2 We want to please our customers, but we tend to over commit and then have problems when we can't meet the expected deliver. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
3 We have difficulty overcoming customer's negative perceptions due to past events. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
4 We make assumptions as to what our customers want and this leads to confusion, extra work and/or upset customers. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
5 We are uncomfortable asking questions to get clarification on issues and instead do what we think should be done. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
6 We do not follow-up effectively with our customers. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
7 We don't know how to effectively establish rapport quickly and easily with someone new. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
8 We don't know how to leverage our personality and behavioral styles as well as understanding others when communicating with colleagues or customers. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
9 We don't know how to address tough questions and objections. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
10 We have difficulty getting colleagues and customers to make and keep commitments. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
11 We have difficulty eliciting information with questions. We're more comfortable "telling" rather than listening. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
12 We have difficulty getting people to feel urgency and make decisions or get closure. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
13 We don't get to the heart of issues with our colleagues/clients. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
14 We have difficulty dealing with irate or demanding customers. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
15 We tend to feel awkward and frustrated when communicating with others—especially someone new. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
16 We don't like confrontation so we tend to give in to our customers. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
17 We tend to make assumptions regarding work requests which often lead to wasted effort or costly redo's. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
18 We have difficulty delivering "bad news" or discussing sensitive topics with colleagues/clients. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
19 We have difficulty differentiating ourselves from the competition. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
20 We have difficulty persuading and convincing customers about an issue. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
21 We struggle cultivating relationships with new customers. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
22 We have difficulty getting buy-in from internal management/team. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
23 We don't understand nor do we use an effective selling process when trying to sell ourselves, our ideas, our company products or services. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
24 We are uncomfortable in a "selling" role. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
25 We tend to present all of our technical knowledge without fully understanding the customer's real needs. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
26 We tend to give customers a lot of information without asking for any commitment in return. ("Un-paid" consulting) No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
27 We don't do a very good job qualifying opportunities as to the needs, wants, problems and motivating factors for action. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
28 We try to tell our customers/colleagues what they should do as opposed to helping them discover it. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
29 We have difficulty controlling the selling process—knowing what is going to happen next. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
30 We have difficulty differentiating ourselves from the competition. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
31 We get a lot of "think it overs" and we spend a lot of time and energy "chasing" them. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
32 We struggle getting add-on business from existing clients as well as referrals to new opportunities. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
33 We have difficulty dealing with "No's" and Stalls. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
34 We don't know when to give up on an opportunity. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
35 We tend to not put tough issues on the table early in the sales process and they then come back to "haunt" us. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
36 We have difficulty applying win-win negotiating techniques and strategies. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
37 Our sales cycle is too long—we have difficulty getting prospects to make decisions. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
38 We lack a consistent approach for developing new business. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
39 We are uncomfortable calling on decision makers who are high up in an organization. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
40 We have difficulty discussing budget/ money and it often becomes a deal killer. No  Low  Medium  High  Severe
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